Are you ready to Release Anxiety, Pain, Tension, stress, and Patterns that Hold you Back?

We invite you to experience a complete body mind transformation program with Dr. Steven Fonso, BSc., D.C.

              Illumination Day   

                  The Science and Art of Letting Go

"I felt better alignment, release of tension throughout my body, better connection to my breath, less stress and anxiety and better ability to deal with existing stressors in my day to day life." Dr. Mario Nucci, MD.





1.  Stress Related Health Challenges

As a holistic health expert, I know that stress related chronic conditions are most prevalent, and are challenges that intertwine the physical, emotional and mental aspects of us. From anxiety, chronic pain, depression, fibromyalgia, immunological, and others, these are situations that develop as part of a complex and dynamic interaction of various stressor and circumstances of life. We will show you, and you will experience, the tools to unravel the patterns that keep you stuck. 

2.  Personal Development  

If you are like me, on a path of personal mastery, there are constantly parts of us that we need to breakthrough, shed light on, embrace, love, and/or release. Maybe there is a part of you that you don't like, struggle with such as lack of confidence, overwhelm, negative thinking, self discipline, focus, fear thinking, socially anxious and you have a true desire to learn, transform your perception of yourself, and want to grow through this, the methods I will teach you and you will experience, will set a completely new standard and understanding for your continued development. 

3.  Relationships

Being married, having 3 children and a busy practice full of beautiful people,  managing healthy relationships is a core component of our wellbeing, and when relationships are off, we are off.  If someone else (spouse, mom, dad, child, co-worker, family member etc.) is causing you stress, anger, worry, frustration or overwhelm and you want to learn and apply the exact science to let go of the inner drama and tension, then we will show you the steps to get there.  


Illumination Day- The Science and Art of Letting Go

is a combination of both specific and unique set of physical breathing exercises as well as a science-based mental reframing of stress experiences and thought patterns. It is a deep and personal day of complete dedication to one’s personal development, awareness and transformation. It is a day to shift a paradigm of how one views stress, challenge and trauma while providing reproducible tools of resilience and sustainability. 

"I am able to hold my shoulders back, I sleep soundly and my stamina is increasing. I am much happier and excited about reaching my full potential." Marcie Z.

"I am most excited about knowing when I wake up in the morning I will feel good. I have never had this before because I was grinding and clenching my teeth all night. This has made me happier to be around." Debbie S.

Illumination Day includes:

  • Full Day program from 9AM until completion
  •  Learning 7 types of breathing practices to connect, reverse and unwind stress patterns
  • Release of physical, emotional and mental stressors appropriate for each individual
  • Increase of flexibility, pliability, ease and energy of the human body/mind
  • Introduction to the human nervous system. How we process stress and trauma, how and why we store it, and how to effectively and safely begin to release these tensions over time.
  • Provide a complete and essential understanding of the nature of stress and basic physiology of the inner workings of the body/mind
  • Individual personal development questions for self-inquiry
  • Cutting-edge methodologies of The Demartini Method and Somatorespiratory Integration
  • Online Resilience-Based Lifestyle Program

"Hard work. Blew my mind." Frank C.

Dr. Steven Fonso has over 16 years in clinical setting working with over 120,000 office visits in the area of health and healing. He is fortunate to be able to deliver a completely unique and transformative and safe experience for those in attendance based on the in-depth understanding of human stress, trauma, physiology, and healing.


Illumination Days and Upcoming Seminars

Sunday November 25, 2018

It will be a full, very personalized day with a maximum of 10 people at the Veressent Life Office,  715 Hewitson Street, Suite 1004 Thunder Bay.  9:00AM - 6:00PM-ish.

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